Never Too Old to Try New Toys

Womanizer is a terrible choice of name, but I’m curious to play with it all the same.

KL Simmons
5 min readJun 17, 2024


Woman smiling while looking into the camera while holding up a pink box containing a vibrator next to her face.
My new toy. Photo by author

Sunday, June 16, 2024, 16:15

A female-owned company called Unbound creates and promotes its own products. I was thoroughly intrigued when I first saw this new toy that they called Puff. It’s a much better name, in my opinion, than Womanizer. Regardless, from what I understand, they work nearly the same.

Over the years, I have tried out various adult toys as a means to change things up and try out new ways my body, mind, and emotions can experience sensations, particularly pleasure.

To this day, my favorite adult toy is the Pocket Rocket, or some variation of it. My favorite tagline I have seen in reference to it is:

“Sending more women into orbit than NASA does in a lifetime.”

Photo by Rodrigo Borges de Jesus on Unsplash

It cracks me up every time.

Something like the pocket rocket (smaller versions tend to be called “bullets”) tends to have different settings to vary the intensity…



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